Comfort Survey

An Option for Sales Builder Pro

The Comfort Survey is an engaging, interactive sales tool to help discover and document the needs, wants and wishes of every customer. 

Many contractors don’t have a consistent, repeatable follow-up sales process – or they simply forget – to capture all the information they need for a winning follow-up sales call. Whenever deals linger, even for a day, their process breaks down. Call details quickly fade from memory.  Call notes can be incomplete, haphazard or misleading.

The Comfort Survey helps you focus on your customer’s personal comfort needs on a room by room basis. You’ll  uncover family health issues and document air quality improvement opportunities. You will be better prepared to discuss equipment efficiency and the impact on energy bills.

Everything is automatically saved to your tablet for instant recall. Follow-up calls are far more complete, precise and effective – it’s like you never left the home.

If you suffer from lackluster follow-up win rates – get the Comfort Survey today and get HIGHER FOLLOW-UP WIN RATES tomorrow.

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