3 things you can do right now to improve win rates and average ticket

If you are an HVAC contractor or comfort consultant, then you know the busy season is rapidly approaching. So, now is the time to build the foundation that will position your business success – win more jobs, increase profits, and increase your average ticket. It all comes down to the basics and here are three things that you can do right now to build a better business:

1. Create a repeatable sales process:

What does this even mean? Repeatability is about assuring that the same best practices are used every time your sales team meets with a homeowner. Among the biggest factors in sales success is the quality of the sales presentation. Have you ever noticed some salespeople win more jobs than others? If you answered “yes,” then what you’ve observed is in part due to different sales processes and techniques. So, how do you reduce the variability in HVAC sales presentations? By creating a sales presentation and process that all members of the sales team can easily follow every time they meet with a homeowner. Sales sounds easy – but in reality, it’s a complicated process. The good news is that in-home sales proposal software can raise the game of your entire sales team. And when you hire new salespeople it will help them become more productive more quickly.

2. Sell the value of your company:

Your company, your team, and your commitment to high-quality service will assure that you win more business. Before you quote the job take time to sell the homeowner on your company. The goal is to build trust with the homeowner and in the process establish their confidence in your ability to deliver a job well done. Before choosing a contractor, homeowners want to know that their contractor will:

  • Deliver a job well done
  • Complete the job quickly
  • Price the job fairly (good value for the project to be done)

Once a homeowner decides they want your company to do their job, they will also be open to learning about a wide array of options that they may not have previously considered. Establish trust and become a trusted advisor and differentiate the company from other contractors.

3. Present Good – Better – Best options: After establishing the homeowner’s trust and confidence they will be receptive to advice on options – some options they may not have considered previously. This provides you with an opportunity to educate your customer on new products that they might be interested in but may not know much about – such as indoor air quality, and efficiency and convenience features. The best way to present these options is through a proposal that provides Good – Better – Best options. Once educated, customers can and often do choose more expensive options than they might have before. Why? Because HVAC systems do more than provide heating and cooling – they also improve health and wellness, efficiency, and convenience. Start proposing Good – Better – Best options and watch your average ticket go up!

Follow the steps above and you will be on your way to building a better business. And while you don’t need a software solution to do all of the above there is no doubt that sales proposal software can make sales more consistent and more effective. But a good in-home proposal software will allow you to make these changes more quickly and will assure more consistency in your sales process.

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