#1 Secret to a Great Presentation

It all starts with listening and then asking the right questions, according to author Marc Wayshak of Game Plan Selling, you must first understand your customer and their problems. This initial discovery process is all about listening.  And what if your customer isn’t talking – then you must ask questions.


Great Questions – Listen First

You should never, ever jump into a presentation without asking key qualifying questions. Why were you called? How did they find you? Is the heating or cooling out? These emergency problems might trick you into skipping a full discovery process but don’t – stick to a process – and get all your qualifying questions answered. How long have they lived in this residence? How long do they intend to live there? What rooms are most often too hot or too cold? Does anyone have allergies? Any smokers? Any problems with dust? Set the stage for providing guidance, advice, and a great presentation.

Great Presentations

Which leads us to the #1 Secret to a Great Presentation – only talk about what they need. This alone may separate you from your competition. Many comfort consultants just “show up and throw up” every fact, feature and benefit of their HVAC products and services. You should talk about how you, your company and your suite of products and services can effectively, and in the best case, uniquelysolve their problems. The most effective reps restate what the customer has said in the customer’s own words. Forget industry lingo. Use plain everyday words. The best comfort consultants also use effective visual aids – pictures, infographics, and video clips – to rapidly communicate. Industry leaders have organized all their sales collateral using modern digital presentation tools like Sales Builder Pro.

Close More Sales – Stop Selling

Author Marc Miller of A Seat at the Table suggests that you should “stop being a salesperson and become a businessperson who sells”. He explains why you need to earn a “seat at the table” – in the case of HVAC, the kitchen-table – and act like a trusted family advisor to a homeowner. As an advisor, you’ll inform and educate – addressing your customers stated and unstated needs – and bring all your years of experience to the table. You’ll stop “selling” but you will sell more as you recommend a choice of solutions to best fit their needs and budget.