Intelligent Mobile Support Launches Deal Manager Software Tool for HVAC Contractor Sales Teams and Office Workers

Solon, Ohio: May 6, 2021 -- Intelligent Mobile Support, Inc. (, the industry’s leading provider of software tools to grow contractor businesses, today launched Sales Builder Pro 8 which now includes Deal Manager, a powerful new feature set to help improve the sales process for busy HVAC contractors and other in-home service providers.

Deal Manager makes it easier for contractors to track pending proposals, receive customer approval remotely, and communicate and collaborate across their organizations. From comfort consultants to office workers, sales managers, install managers, and owners, Deal Manger helps contractors build a better business.

By simplifying how information is captured, organized, stored, and shared across the company the comprehensive Deal Manager tool makes it easy to track and manage job proposals and installs. Deal Manager ultimately helps contractors increase win rates, improve profitability, and be more productive.

New Deal Manager features include Pending Deal Search, Remote Acceptance, Notes, and Document Management. Together these features enable contractors and their teams to manage their sales processes more effectively while also managing the jobs and installs they have won.

“Sales Builder Pro was created to help residential contractors build a better business,” says John Steidley, founder and CEO of Intelligent Mobile Support, Inc. “This year looks to a very busy year for residential contractors. Demand is up, the labor market is tight, and supply chains are stressed - a perfect storm for a stressful season. So, we are delighted to get the productivity enhancements of Deal Manager out to contractors in time for the very busy season ahead. It is our way of saying thank you to our customers.”

Advanced capabilities of Deal Manager include:

  • Pending Deal Search – a fully automated, prioritized sales call "to do" list.

  • Remote Deal Acceptance – a simple proposal acceptance process to win more deals faster.

  • Improved Deal Management - improved sales, office, and install productivity.

    • Deal Notes – apply color-coded comments to deals to share important updates with your team.

    • Documents – upload and store deal-related documents to ensure that all job-related documents are just a click away.

    • Proposal Status – filter proposals by Accepted, Pending, Declined, and Obsolete to quickly find what you need.

    • Reports and Analytics - updated, improved, and expanded.

Deal Manager launched on the Sales Builder Pro server platform. The iPad tablet app was added to the Apple App Store on May 4, 2021. The Android app is expected to be released in August 2021.

Deal Manager is available as a standard feature included at no additional cost, for all Sales Builder Pro packages – Essential, Preferred and Premium.

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