Ideas to Keep Your HVAC Business Running During COVID-19


We know that keeping your business running during this crisis is at the top of your mind right now as we adapt to different methods of working to slow the spread of COVID-19.

We would like to share ideas that will allow your technicians and sales team to utilize Sales Builder Pro to safely make sales presentations to prospective customers. 

Step 1. Recognize Your Customer’s Problem

  • Let’s face it, they probably don’t want you in their home.
  • Assure your clients that you are committed to the safety and wellness of those you serve and your team members. Tell them the COVID-19 precautions you have in place. (Temperature checks, safety first, sanitize, hands washed, social distancing, and personal protective equipment).
  • They may need you now to service their equipment or this summer when they need air conditioning. Get your Service techs on the Sales Builder Pro app. They have a captive audience and can build a quote on the spot.
  • Make sure you mention finance programs - most are in cash savings mode.
  • Explore how to best communicate with them to determine what to buy.

Plan A. Old School Option - But Keep Your Social Distance

  • In this case, social distance means physical distance.
  • Most everyone has a smartphone and knows how to take and send pictures.
  • You can still show up - keep your distance by staying outside the house - survey the ODU and talk with them from the front yard, back yard, or wherever to capture the info you need to build.
  • Just stay outside.
  • Some prospects can capture IDU info for you by taking photos of existing equipment and sending to you.
  • TIP: Be careful on how you handle paper - email is best - if you must touch paper, wash your hands or sanitize, follow CDC guidelines.

Plan B. Technology Option

  • Your goal is to make it EASY to communicate with them.
  • Find out what technology your prospect already knows how to use.
  • If it is just a phone, so be it. You might be mailing them a proposal.
  • If they are a “Zoomer” or a “Skyper”, then you better learn that first - use what they already know how to use.
  • The last thing you want to do is to try and teach them a new technology WHILE selling.

Your sales presentation can be a simple screen-share of the proposal PDF. Simply build the quote, email it to the customer, and then review the quote line-by-line during your online meeting.

If you are comfortable with technology, you can present Sales Builder Pro to prospective customers by mirroring your iPad or tablet to your desktop or computer, during the online meeting screen-share. Mac Users can use Quicktime Player, PC Users will require a screen sharing app like Reflector3.

Challenging Times

We also want to let you know our team is working through this challenging time to continue to provide support to our customers. Our entire team is working remotely - at full force -  and we do not plan any staff reductions. We do not expect you to notice any difference in the level of service you receive from our team.


The entire Sales Builder Pro team is committed to supporting you during this unprecedented time. The best way to stay in contact with us is through your Customer Success Specialist. Please reach out if we can be of assistance.