Cost Analysis Feature

TOP TEN Items Critical To Your Business Profitability

We all know how hard it is to run a small business. It's even harder to run a profitable small business. That's why we recently introduced a new Cost Analysis feature to Sales Builder Pro to help you track profitability.

Let me introduce you to the new Cost Analysis feature. It is available now and there is no additional charge.

For any specific job proposal, this feature exports every item quoted. It runs your pricing rules to show you all the data you need to track and trace your profitability.

The Excel file includes everything you need to know, including these TOP TEN items critical to your business success:

  1. OEM, Type of Equipment, and Item Number
  2. Distributor (Vendor) and Vendor Item Number
  3. Quantity, Cost, and Tax for each item
  4. Labor Hours and Labor Cost
  5. Overall Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
  6. Discounts
  7. Price Adjustments
  8. Price
  9. Finance Fees (if any)
  10. Gross Margin in Dollars ($) and Percent (%)

If you have informed your customer of any mail-in rebates, this new export tracks those too.

Early adopters have already caught small pricing errors and are tuning up their cost, price, and business rules to run a more profitable business. We hope this new feature helps you too.

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