New Sales Builder Pro Partnership Adds Hearth Finance App for HVAC Sales Teams

Rapid Financing Options Lead to Higher Win Rates, Higher Ticket Prices, and Greater HVAC Contractor Margins

SOLON OH - September 1, 2021 - Intelligent Mobile Support (IMS), the #1 industry leader for HVAC proposal software, today announced a partnership with Hearth, a provider of contractor payment and financing solutions. The new partnership adds Hearth’s Tier 1 finance tool to IMS' Sales Builder Pro, providing customers with multiple financing options in just a few minutes.

"We’ve designed Sales Builder Pro to be the best sales tool a residential HVAC contractor can use," said John Steidley, CEO and founder of IMS. "Making Hearth part of our solution adds to the power of our sales technology, helping salespeople clear their biggest hurdle by making it easy to present financing options in a way that gets homeowners excited to move forward."

The integration of Hearth with Sales Builder Pro allows contractors to show the Hearth brochure and play an explainer video, helping customers understand the benefits immediately. Then, on the customer's own device — a contact free experience — they can enter their information and receive multiple financing options in just minutes. This helps remove one of the larger challenges for HVAC proposals, the "sticker shock" of a large upfront payment, by breaking the price down into smaller, monthly payments.

For contractors, this rapid financing and approval process allows them to close deals more quickly and even increase the average ticket price, as the relatively minor costs of high-efficiency upgrades (which lower the customer's utility bills) and add-ons become more attractive. Sales Builder Pro also comes with tracking and reporting software to help owners and managers see how frequently financing was quoted to help coach salespeople. "Our customer success specialists or even the contractor can add the Hearth program to Sales Builder Pro in as little as five minutes", said Steidley, "It's that easy to use."

"Salespeople should be HVAC system experts, not finance experts," said Sarah Kreps, business development manager for Hearth. "With our app added to the Sales Builder Pro tool, they don't have to be. Our tool can help clear what is in many cases the last hurdle to closing the sale."

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