Sales Builder Pro Introduces New Deal Manager Search Feature

SOLON, OH – January 25, 2022Sales-Builder-Pro, the #1 industry leader for HVAC proposal software, now offers a new robust search capability for Deal Manager that allows users to automatically search proposals by status and prioritize their follow-up sales activities.

The new Deal Manager search feature allows HVAC contractors, owners, and sales managers to filter pending deals by 2-, 7-, and 30-day increments. “Sales Builder Pro is the only tool on the market that provides a quick and easy ‘pending deal’ search function,” noted John Steidley, founder and CEO of Intelligent Mobile Support, Inc. (IMS). “We specifically designed this search feature to reflect the follow-up sales process our HVAC contractors live and breathe by. It allows them to start each day with a prioritized to-do list and follow up with deals by age, leading to more wins.”

“This is every sales manager's dream machine,” added Joshua Lubbers, director of business development at IMS. “It provides instant data on the total number of proposals, wins, and new appointments. Now they can have visibility into the complete sales pipeline with no extra user fees.”

The new search feature stands out in the industry for its speed and simplicity. “Most HVAC proposal applications have a clumsy search feature that’s difficult to use, and you simply couldn’t perform this level of advanced searching with a field service management tool,” explained Steidley. “Deal Manager’s powerful ‘pending deal’ search is lightning fast and easy to use, indicating the most lucrative deals to pursue in just a few seconds.”

Pending Deal Search

Deal Manager allows users to search for HVAC proposals by status: accepted, declined, or pending. With just three clicks, users can create a list of pending proposals for follow-up. “This information allows you to be more responsive, helpful, and informative to your customer, which helps you win the deal,” Steidley noted.

Deal Manager allows users to instantly search pending deals by the following categories:
  • 2-day “hot” deals
  • 7-day “warm” deals
  • 30-day “cold” deals
Customer Email Column

Sales Builder Pro recently added a new column to Deal Manager that includes the customer’s email. This allows an export of all pending deals for rapid follow-up using multiple methods. “With the email and phone number included in the listing, you can quickly call, text, or email the prospect about moving the sale forward,” said Steidley. “We recommend using this feature as a best practice for your sales team’s weekly, monthly, quarterly, or year-end deal closeout processes.”

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